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The Farm Info Report is a report that is available to farm advisors. This report can display information on farm details, stock details, costs and profits, EBI and PTA data, calving and fertility data, gross margins, KPI’s, main AI sires used, grassland management and milk production depending on how much data you have inputted into the system. This allows advisors and farmers to fully analyse the performance of the herd. The report is available to all farm advisors and can be generated by your advisor. The report can be viewed in Excel format and printed if necessary.

Example of a page from the herd info report. The report allows an advisor to fully analyse every aspect of a herd’s performance.

Accessing the report

Please contact your farm advisor if you wish to view this report for your herd 

If you have any queries or feedback for the HerdPlus team on the Farm Info Report or any other reports, please call 023-8820452 or email [email protected].