With the upcoming breeding season almost upon us, it is time to start thinking about your 2022 bull selection. The HerdPlus Sire Advice application is an excellent decision support tool, designed to accelerate genetic gain by matching the selected bulls with the most suitable cows in your herd.

Sire advice is an application that is available to all dairy HerdPlus users. This application allows you to:

  • Select a team of bulls based on your own breeding objectives.
  • Ensure the the best matings to maximise the genetic gain in your herd.
  • Eliminate any inbreeding risk.
  • Upload all matings to your AI technician’s handheld.
  • Get a pre-printed Breeding Chart with all matings listed.

There are 2 Sire Advice options to choose from:

  1. Sire Advice Plus – Narrow your selection of bulls by entering ranges for particular traits of importance for your herd e.g. you may only want bulls above a certain % on protein, or bulls from a certain AI organisation etc. How to run Sire Advice Plus
  2. Manually Enter Bulls – If you have already selected your team of bulls you can simply enter these bulls and run the application. How to manually enter bulls on Sire Advice

Please note: The March 2022 Genetic Evaluations are scheduled for publication on Tuesday 22nd March. All AI bulls will have their EBI proofs updated from then. If you have previously run Sire Advice in 2022, we would suggest that you re-run it after this date to ensure you have the most up to date information.

If you would like any support in completing your Sire Advice for the 2022 breeding season, please contact the HerdPlus team on 023-8820452 or [email protected]