Pictures from the Livestock Demo


Following are pictures from the Livestock Demo’s that were held three times every day at the Irish Farmers Journal stand. The demonstrations were a joint initiative between the Irish Farmers Journal, Bord Bia & ICBF. (Photo Above:Niall Kilrane (ICBF) (more…)

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HerdPlus Dairy Calving Report

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Following last week’s release of the HerdPlus® Dairy Calving reports, ICBF can report a small slippage in the fertility performance of the national dairy herd. (more…)

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ICBF at the Ploughing

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ICBF will be present at the National Ploughing Championships this year as part of the Irish Farmers Journal / ICBF / Bord Bia Livestock Demo. (more…)

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Systems Administrator Position

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The ICBF operates a national cattle breeding database.  The genetic evaluations and research performed by ICBF is used by farmers and the Irish agri-food industry.

We are currently looking for a Systems Administrator to join the team (more…)

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Why should you be recording health and disease data?

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Why should you be recording health and disease data?

Calf suckling
Why record? To have healthier cows and calves!

Health and disease are an ever increasing cost on Irish cattle farms. Recent work by ICBF and Teagasc has indicated substantial genetic variation in health and disease traits. (more…)

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