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Following the release of the HerdPlus Beef Calving Statistics we have taken a closer look at some important Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

The national average for % of sires recorded is 71%. When we break this down county by county we can see some big difference in performance. County Kilkenny is leading the way with an average % of sires recorded figure of 74.93%. This is 19.59% better than the average % of sires recorded figure in County Dublin of 55.34%. Longford, Laois, Carlow and Sligo complete the top 5 counties for sire recording while Limerick, Meath, Kildare and Monaghan join Dublin at the bottom of the list.


Average % Sires Recorded (Beef) by County based on herds with at least 5 calvings
Beef Calving Stats by County for % sires recorded, calves per cow per year and average calving interval.