ICBF has today published the March 2020 genetic evaluations. This has seen the EBI & Euro-Star indexes for all cows, heifers, stock bulls and AI bulls updated. The Animal Search, Active Bull Lists, Stock Bull Finder, sales catalogues and all online profiles have now been updated with the new evaluation figures.

Changes to Dairy Active Bull List

The March 2020 evaluation sees 37 new bulls make the dairy active bull list for the very first time. As a result of this new generation of bulls now meeting the list’s criteria, the dairy active bull list has seen an average increase in EBI of €21. 

The average EBI of the dairy active bull list is now €291 of which €85 comes from Milk SI and €149 coming from fertility. The bulls on the list are sired by 35 different sires.

Dairy Active Bull List Average (March 2020)
Avg EBIAvg Rel%Avg Milk SIAvg Fert SIAvg Calv SIAvg Beef SIAvg Maint SIAvg Mgmt SIAvg Health SI
  • 37 new bulls make the list for the first time
  • There is on average a €21 increase in EBI
  • The 75 bulls on the list are sired by 35 different sires

New Milk Records

This evaluation has seen the addition of a lot of new milk recording records. There are now 37,144,357 milk recording records included in the March 2020 genetic evaluations. This is an increase of 109,850 when compared with the previous evaluation. These figures include records from 7,848 new cows.

  • Milk Recording Records Previous (37,034,507) – Now (37,144,357)
  • Number of new milk records 109,850
  • New cows in evaluation 7,848
  • Records from new cows 13,785
  • Cows with new records in evaluation 85,104

New Fertility Records

This evaluation has also seen the addition of many fertility records. There are an additional 95,197 Calving Interval records added to the March evaluations, some 104,414 survival records and 37,076 age at first calving records.

  • Calving Interval – 95,197
  • Survival – 104,414
  • Age at First Calving – 37,076

Next Evaluation Dates

The next evaluation publication date is set for 26th May 2020. For more information on future publication dates and their respective data deadlines, please click here.

If you have any queries on evaluation figures please contact us on 023-8820452 or email [email protected].