We are delighted to announce the 3rd annual FBD Breeding Competition in conjunction with FBD, ICBF and Sheep Ireland. While it is disappointing that we cannot host a physical awards ceremony this year, we will be posting about the 2020 competition over the coming weeks.

The purpose of the competition is to both highlight and reward herds, who are striving for progress through their herd genetics and management practices. It is great to see the constant progress that is being made in animal breeding and genetics year on year.

Similar to nominees in previous years, the focus that this year’s finalists place on their breeding practices will lead to a more profitable and sustainable future, at both an individual and national herd level.

The official launch of the Euro-Star 200 Competition in 2018.

From left to right, Michael Berkery (FBD), Michael Doran (ICBF Chairman,

Aidan Murray (Teagasc) and Matthew Halpin (Irish Farmer’s Journal)

Recap on last year’s winners:

FBD Euro-Star 200 Overall Winner-Commercial Beef

Billy & Niall Nicholson https://www.icbf.com/?p=15053

FBD Euro-Star 200 Overall Winner-Pedigree Beef

Joe & Richard Fortune https://www.icbf.com/?p=12354

Dairy – Under 100 cows

Robert & Sinead Frost https://www.icbf.com/?p=15187

Dairy – Over 100 cows

Eoghan McCarthy https://www.icbf.com/?p=15208

The competition this year consists of 4 categories with 6 finalists in each from across the country.

  1. Commercial Beef
  2. Pedigree Beef
  3. Dairy
  4. Sheep

These herds were shortlisted based on several KPIs followed by an interview with ICBF representatives. The interview process provides the finalists with an opportunity to discuss their farming practices, breeding plans, grassland management and the future of their farm. A substantial prize find has been kindly sponsored by FBD Trust.

Please keep an eye out on the ICBF and Sheep Ireland websites and the Irish Farmer’s Journal over the coming weeks where all 24 finalists will be profiled. The winner of each category will be announced on the ICBF and Sheep Ireland websites as well as social media platforms in mid-February.

The continuation of the competition is being made possible thanks to the support of the FBD Trust.


FBD Trust Company Limited (“FBD Trust”) was established in 1974 by the shareholders of the FBD Group to advance the interests of Irish farm families and the farming sector in Ireland generally, primarily through the support for research and educational scholarships, for training, development and the support of groups and organisations which can advocate effectively for Irish farmers.