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Declan and Paula Murphy run the Arlinstown pedigree Hereford herd in Ballinhassig, Co. Cork. There are over 140 pedigree animals currently in the herd. This includes 50 cows. The Arlinstown herd was founded by Declan’s uncle Jerry Murphy in the early 60s. Declan and Paula then took over the herd in 2003 and it is run with the help of son Gary when home from college. Numbers have increased from 40 when they took over the herd to present day numbers.

Over 90% of the Arlinstown herd is bred by AI. This year sires used include HE2198, HTZ, HE2359, GGM and two homebred bulls sweeping Arlinstown Lucky and Arlinstown Scamp. Female replacements kept from last year have sires including KZP, BGV, HE2148 and Arlinstown Storm 9th. The success of the Arlinstown herd can be seen in the Gene Ireland Program. Two bulls from the herd have gone on to be purchased by the Gene Ireland Program; HE2359 who has sired almost 250 progeny in his first year and HE4568 who will have semen available later this year. This is not the first time that this herd has produced AI Sires. ‘Arlinstown Gaffer’ was selected by Dovea AI from Tully Bull Performance Test Centre in 1989. He was out of a homebred ‘GLS’ dam. His A.D.G while on test was 1.63 kg/day with a 400 day weight of 615kgs and a feed efficiency of 5.39.

Pictured above is HE2359 Arlinstown Special 13th who was in Gene Ireland
Pictured above is Arlinstown Star 4th who was sold for the top price of €3400 at Bandon sale
‘Arlinstown Gaffer’ was selected by Dovea AI from Tully Bull Performance Test Centre in 1989.

The average replacement index of the females in the Arlinstown herd is 4 stars within the Hereford breed. This is helped by the daughter milk figure of the herd which averages 4.8kg. This is 5 stars within the Hereford breed. The average daughter calving interval is -3.1 days which is 5 stars across all breeds.

As part of the WHPR programme all animals within the herd are inspected. All calves, bulls and heifers are weighed and/or linear scored. Cows with calves at foot are linear scored and weighed and dry cows are inspected for evidence of a caesarean section. Added to this is an outstanding level of recording within the Arlinstwon herd. All insemination dates are recorded which gives excellent information on gestation length of bulls and as a result more accurate information on the resulting progeny. All calves born in the herd then have a birth weight recorded, which combined with the gestation lengths helps to improve the reliability of the Calving Difficulty figure of the bulls used and as a result increase the reliability of bulls sold out of the Arlinstown herd. This recording combined with the bulls being genotyped results in the highest possible reliability of €uro-Star indexes for a bull without progeny.

What attracted you to WHPR?

“I was attracted to WHPR because it showed that I have accurate records. It should also help to increase buyer confidence which will help with sales. I found the visit straightforward and helpful. I have also had sales through the Stock Bull Finder which is a big help because most of the bulls are sold at home to repeat buyers.”

Pictured above is Arlinstown Scamp

To view bulls that have been weight recorded by ICBF through Whole Herd Performance Recording, click the link below to go to the Stockbull Finder. This is an online sales section for bulls from WHPR herds. Search by breed and county to filter down selections!
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