All you need to know about Beef HerdPlus

Beef HerdPlus is a tool that can benefit everyone no matter what your breeding goals are. The breeding and performance information that herd-owners receive through Beef HerdPlus includes the following;

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What goes in herdplus beef

For €60 you’ll receive

  • Eurostar Index Figures
  • Herdplus Profiles Access
  • Herdplus Reports Access
  • HerdPlus Applications (Inbreeding Checker etc.)
  • Discount on Genomic Testing

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Get a detailed breakdown of the €uro-Star ratings for all animals in your herd



HerdPlus Suckler Cow Report 

The Suckler cow report combines Genetic Indices and Progeny performance history, all in one report. It allows a farmer make correct breeding/culling decision on a suckler cow based on her
progeny’s performance in the herd.

€uro-Star Profile

The €uro-star Replacement Index is a single figure profit index aimed at helping farmers identify the most profitable bulls and cows for breeding beef herd replacements. The €uro-Star report is the No. 1 breeding tool for suckler farmers in Ireland for;

  • Identifying the areas which you can improve on.
  • Compare your top and bottom cows/heifers.
  • Detailed analysis of all animals in your herd.

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