Scanned your cows recently? Don’t forget to record ‘Pregnancy Diagnosis’ on This screen is available for all users to record ‘Pregnancy Diagnosis’ for each breeding female in the herd. This screen includes features such as linking to a previous serve and recording pregnancy diagnosis to a stockbull serve. To record ‘Pregnancy Diagnosis’ today simply log onto your ICBF account, select ‘Record Events’ – ‘Pregnancy Diagnosis’ and follow the steps below

  1. Find the cow you wish to record.
  2. Select either ‘IN CALF’, ‘EMPTY’ or ‘TWINS’ from the drop-down menu in the ‘Preg Checked’ column.
  3. ‘Days in calf’ and ‘serve bull’ will automatically populate to match ‘last serve’ and ‘last bull’. If this information needs to be changed you can change the number of ‘days in calf’ manually. Once you do this a pop-up will appear as below (left) where you will have the option to link to a previous serve. If it is none of these you can then change the ‘serve bull’. A pop-up will then generate where you can record a new serve (below right).
  4. Please ensure that you save all records before leaving the screen and if you make a mistake don’t worry you can delete incorrect records by clicking on the ‘FB Jumbo’ of that animal.

Recording Pregnancy Diagnosis has never been so easy; with scanning season beginning why not check out our new screen by logging into online services today. Don’t have your ICBF password? Text “PASS” to 089-4577663 or contact support 023 8820452