Another ~33,000 calf samples were received in the lab and more than 38,000 samples processed in week 14 of 2024.

Last week’s figures

  • 33,124 calf samples were received into the lab.
  • 38,070 calf samples were processed in the lab.
  • The average time from birth to sample being received in the lab was 9.5 days.
  • The average time a sample spent in the lab last week was 3.9 days.
  • The average turnaround time from birth to passport being issued was 13.4 days.

Programme overview to date

  • 494,799 calf samples received in the lab to date.
  • 486,19 calf samples genotyped to date.
  • 483,276 passports issued for NGP calves to date.