Bred in eastern Europe, this bull has plenty of Irish genetics in his back pedigree. Sired by Curaheen Gunshot, another graduate of the Gene Ireland programme and well used in Irish AI. SI8121 hits high on the replacement index at €151 (5 stars across all breeds) and €106 on the terminal index (5 stars within breed). He boasts +29Kg in carcass weight and 1.59 on the carcass conformation scale, he promises to bring great progeny that will perform well in the factory.

Not only that, he is a massive +7Kg’s in the milk sub index meaning his heifers will be well able to wean calves higher than the average bulls progeny. They will also be -2.66 days for calving interval meaning they will be more fertile than their counterparts. This bull promises to bring a great injection of milk and an increased level of fertility into any females that he produces.

Curaheen Gunshot – Sire of SI8121

He has an impressive sire stack of Curaheen Gunshot X Raceview Van Halen X Vingaard Trinidad. This is a heterozygous polled bull meaning 50% of his progeny will be born polled. This bull will be a great starter to any polled herd.