The drying off process is a very important process that takes place at the end of lactation.  By recording a cows’ dry off date you are completing her lactation on your HerdPlus reports. In doing so her lactation details will be available for pedigree certificates, sales catalogues and your Annual Report.

How to record dry-off dates

  1. ICBF Website: Dry offs can be recorded for all herds at com. The username is always your herd number and a password can be obtained by texting the word PASS to 089 457 7663 or by contacting the HerdPlus office on 023-8820452.
  2. Herdplus Mobile App:Dry offs can be easily recorded via the HerdPlus App.
  3. Text Message: Text the word DRY, followed by the Jumbo to: 089 4577663.

E.g. Dry 127, 256, 785, 1165, 1952, 2514

  1. Farm Software: Dry off dates can be recorded via Farm Software packages. Please ensure to send the file to ICBF on completion of recording.
  2. Dry Off Notification Sheets: Help ICBF to reduce our carbon footprint and record your dry offs online. However, if necessary, please contact the HerdPlus office on 023 8820452 for dry off notification sheets.

Remember: Recording your dry cow treatments will enable you to spot trends and changes in your herd and better select cows suitable for Selective Dry Cow Therapy (SDCT) in the future.

From 28th of January 2022 blanket use of antibiotic dry cow tubes will be prohibited. This regulatory change means that veterinary proof will be required when administering antibiotic treatment.

Selective Dry Cow Therapy will inevitably become mandatory; therefore, it is important that simple steps are taken now to make this common practice for your herd.

Selective Dry Cow Therapy (SDCT) means selecting suitable animals to receive antibiotic treatment at drying off, allowing the remainder to receive teat sealer only.

Key Considerations for SDCT:

  • Carry out regular milk recording (minimum of 4 per lactation) with at least one test 30 days before drying off. Your herd should maintain a monthly bulk tank SCC of less than 200,000 cells/ml.
  • Regularly check your Milk Recording SCC profile to identify cows with an SCC of greater than 100,000 cells/ml throughout their lactation.

  • It is critically important to record your mastitis cases. Cows with no history of clinical mastitis may be considered suitable for teat sealer only. Cows with records of clinical mastitis and/or an SCC of greater than 100,000 cells/ml should receive the appropriate antibiotic treatment. Record your cases of mastitis and treatment(s) on Simply select ‘Record Events’ ‘Health & Disease’

  • Using the California Mastitis Test (CMT) on all cows that have been selected to receive NO antibiotics at dry off will act as added ‘security’.
  • Good hygiene practices at drying off are paramount for successful SDCT
  • Strict selection and regular data recording will ensure responsible antibiotic usage
  • Discuss and plan SDCT with your vet.


For more information about recording dry offs, please contact the HerdPlus office on 023 8820452 or email [email protected]