€uro-Star Report –

Every beef animal in the herd gets a suckler beef value (€ value) and a star rating (all females and

males, both pedigree and commercial). Report issued 3 times per year after each genetic evaluation run.

EuroStar Example

What does 5 Star bull mean ??

A 5 Star bull means he is the top 20% in the country – see table below.

Euro Star Table

Slaughter Report  

Tracks your slaughter performance – as we get the data from the factories and abbatoirs and return a farmer a report with the carcass grades and weights from each kill sheet

Suckler Cow Report –

Performance history for each cow in the herd, showing all her calving and progeny data – important for breeding/culling decisions.

Personalised Notebook –

Your animals pre-printed in the pocket book for easy recording of events – it is designed in tandem with proposed suckler cow scheme.

Inbreeding Advice –

HerdPlus office are developing a programme which best matches your cows and available AI bulls including an auto inbreeding check. (Planned release spring 2008)

Management Reports –

Suite of basic herd management reports like Calving, Fertility Performance

On-Line Access to Herd –

Each farmer gets a unique HerdPlus password which gives him access to all his animals, profiles, reports on the web. All recording of events can be done on line at  www.icbf.com

Direct HerdPlus Telephone Support –

Independent and direct line to ICBF staff – support for any question you have on breeding information by calling lo-call number 1 850 600 900.