“How did Brian Wickham change the world (of cattle breeding)?” will take place on Monday July 26th at 8-10pm (Irish time).

The Irish dairy and beef industries owe so much to Brian, in terms of his vision for how breeding could contribute to the economic well-being of farmers, and his delivery of that vision. Brian has always acted with the utmost of integrity and was forever positive.

Unfortunately, Brian is currently battling a very serious illness. This conference is an opportunity to celebrate Brian’s work by listening to the perspectives of his colleagues both near and far. The speakers on the night will cover Brian’s working life from 1975 right up to his retirement a few weeks ago.

The speakers on the night are outlined below:

  1. Sean Coughlan, Andrew Cromie – the ICBF story.
  2. Richard Spelman (and others from LIC) – Brian’s time with LIC and its predecessors from 1975 to 1998, and the last two and a half years from the LIC perspective.
  3. Peter Amer – National breeding objectives and indexes, that Brian and his team have helped with in New Zealand and Ireland.
  4. Martin Burke, Matthew Shaffer – Brian’s involvement with ICAR and its Groups (of which Interbull is one) from 1978 to 2021.
  5. Cherilyn Watson – The ways the information needs of breed societies have been and will be met in New Zealand.
  6. John O’Sullivan, Michael Doran – as farmers and Chairs of ICBF.
  7. Mark Townshend – looking to the future as a farmer and Chair of NZAEL.
  8. Dorian Garrick – to put it all in perspective.

Brian’s son, Hadley Wickham, will moderate the conference.

For free registration, please go to https://forms.gle/Uo3AeC3ogGoFv6Gp9, and an email with a link to join the conference will be sent to you.

The conference will be recorded.