Genomics Service for More Dairy Breeds Launched

We are pleased to launch the ICBF genomics service for additional Dairy breeds. There are now 16 dairy breeds eligible for a genomic evaluation. The 9 additional dairy breeds are BS, SI, MY, SR, KE, NO, RB, RD and MS. The cost to genotype dairy females as part of a group or individually is €22. Herds participating in the Dairy Gene Ireland breeding programme can avail of the discounted price of €18 for their 2021 & 2022 born females. (more…)

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Gene Ireland Focus – Keltic Rembrandt (LM8259)

The last bull on our Replacement Index list is Keltic Rembrandt (LM8259). This bull comes from the Keltic Limousin herd in Meath, who many Limousin breeders would know bred Keltic Handsome (OKH). OKH made it through the Gene Ireland progeny testing in 2014 and went on to be a very successful bull in Irish pedigree and commercial suckler herds with over 13,000 progeny registered to him. (more…)

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ICBF wins Smart Technology Innovation award

ICBF has been presented with the ‘Smart Technology Innovation’ award at this year’s Leader’s Awards. The Leader’s Awards is an annual event that recognises achievement, innovation, and commitment to the tech sector in the southwest region. From global multinationals to schools and start-ups, the awards recognise those who have delivered outstanding results in the use of technology in their respective organisations and businesses. (more…)

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