The theme of this year’s event is ‘Securing your future’. There are significant challenges in relation to farm succession, profitability, market disturbances, reducing the environmental footprint and high costs of production, however, the market for grass-fed beef as a high quality, sustainable human food protein source is strong.

The focus of BEEF2024 will be on the application of technologies that will help beef farmers increase the profitability and environmental sustainability of their family farm businesses. The roadmap to environmentally sustainable beef production as outlined in the Signpost Programme will feature.

Technologies in relation to grazing management, animal nutrition, beef genetics, reproductive management, animal health and welfare, and farm planning will be essential to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of the Irish beef sector. This will form the main focus of the day.

BEEF2024 is your opportunity to see first-hand the results of Teagasc’s comprehensive research and innovation programme and to meet Teagasc research, advisory and education staff..

Topics to be covered on the day

Securing your future in beef farming

  • What are the key challenges and opportunities?
  • Production systems to balance income and lifestyle
  • Market & environmental policy demands

Management toolbox for beef farms

  • Optimal suckler & dairy-beef systems
  • Driving genetic gain for beef cattle
  • Maximising performance from grass forage

Technology Villages

Grassland & forage village

  • Grazing and silage demos
  • Grazing infrastructure
  • Grass budgeting
  • Clover and multi-species pastures
  • Nutrient planning to improve soil health & water quality

Suckler Beef village

  • Suckler systems – key performance indicators
  • Using the Terminal and Replacement Indexes
  • Optimizing health and welfare for suckler-bred cattle
  • Reducing finishing age of suckler beef cattle
  • Derrypatrick and Newford herds

Dairy calf-to-beef village

  • Teagasc research systems
  • Genetic tools for improving calf quality
  • Calf rearing and health
  • Earlier finishing age for dairy-beef cattle
  • Tipperary calf-to-beef Farm

Advisory, Education & Opportunities Village

  • Advisory Service including inheritance and succession
  • Education options within the farm sector
  • Organic beef farming
  • Renewable energy options for beef farmers
  • New opportunities in forestry

Forum Centre

  • Health and lifestyle for farm families
  • Achieving work-life balance
  • Engage with industry stakeholders
  • Meat quality, PGI & market prospects
  • Suckler and dairy-beef forums


There will be a number of panel discussions covering key topics across a range of beef cattle production systems. These will take place in the Forum Centre and will be staged throughout the day.

DairyBeef 500 (12.30 pm) & Future Beef (1.30 pm)

Farmer participants of these programmes will outline the progress they have made since they joined the programme. They will address the implementation of plans to improve profitability and reduce environmental impact through adoption of the latest technologies.

Securing your future in beef farming (2.30 pm)

In this forum the main opportunities and challenges facing the sector and beef farm families will be discussed, in particular, succession and inheritance. Keynote speakers from the beef sector will outline the strengths of the sector and the potential to enhance profitability, sustainability and lifestyle through the deployment of latest technologies.

Live displays & demonstrations

There will be live displays in relation to low emissions slurry application, grazing management and health & safety throughout the day. There will be demonstrations in relation to the use of protected urea fertilizers, calibration of spreaders and farm infrastructure. Cow simulators will be used to demonstrate the principles of safe calving and handling of livestock. Cattle from the various suckler and dairy-beef studies at Grange will be on display. There will also be displays on calf rearing and antimicrobial & anthelmintic resistance.

Industry stakeholders and partners

Key industry stakeholders industry will be present in the Ag-Expo Village. Additionally industry representatives including the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation, Animal Health Ireland, Bord Bia, Meat Industry Ireland, Meat Technology Ireland and the Health & Safety Authority will be participating at the Open Day.

Supporting Sustainable Beef Farming

The beef sector remains one of the most important contributors to the national economy in Ireland, supporting in excess of 70,000 beef farmers with an export value of approximately €2.7 bn. It also contributes approximately 10,000 jobs across processing, distribution and transport in predominantly rural areas. The level of domestic spend has a huge multiplier effect on the overall economy and is a key part of the sector’s importance to regional development. Its strengths lie in its pasture-based production systems underpinning its strong sustainability credentials and it is well-placed to meet the increased global demand for beef.

*Information in this web post has been taken from the Teagasc website.