ICBF and the program partners, have recently launched the exciting new Gene Ireland panel of high index beef bulls for Spring 2022. The breeding program is a joint initiative between Pedigree Breeders, Commercial farmers, Breed Societies, AI Companies, DAFM & ICBF. The primary aim of the program is to progeny test high index beef bulls which will produce profitable cows for the suckler beef industry. The minimum criteria for a bull to be included on the panel is 5 Stars across breed on Replacement Index.


We have also included a section dedicated to high Terminal Index bulls which are selected to produce profitable animals for sale or slaughter. The minimum criteria for a bull to be included in the Terminal section is 5 Stars across breed on Terminal Index. In order to avail of straws from the Terminal bulls section, a herdowner must order the same number of straws from the Replacement section.

The Benefits:

  • Access to the highest index new beef bulls in Irish AI at only €5 per straw (technician charges may apply).
  • Straws will be delivered to your own tank or the technician of your choosing.
  • Potential to sell some progeny back to ICBF for future performance testing at the Tully Beef Test Centre.
  • Freedom to choose the bulls and breeds that you require from the catalogue.

If you are interested in using straws of these high index bulls or have any questions in relation to the program, please contact ICBF on 045 521573 or email [email protected]