What is Involved?

Data Recording

  • An ICBF Scorer will visit a participating herd at least once each year and record data on the Whole Pedigree Herd.
  • Every Pedigree animal must be presented
  • Participating Breeders must make their herd’s available for ‘Spot Check’ visits from ICBF, to validify birth dates & young stock performance in particular. These visits are to maximise the integrity of all data recorded in the herd.
  • Breeders are also encouraged to record DIY weights on their animals. This will add greatly to an
    animal’s €uro-Star figures.


  • The ICBF Scorer will have a weighing scales for weighing & restraining animals.
  • It is essential that a suitable crush is available on the day of the visit.
  • It is also essential that all on-farm facilities used in the handling of the animals are in good working order, ensuring a safe working environment.


  • All pedigree animals must be presented.
    Different information will be recorded, depending on the animal’s age.


ICBF will pay 50% of the cost of weighing the cows in a herd’s first visit. Costs are subject to annual reviews and any increases will be shown on the ICBF website. Please note that the Services are subject to the terms & conditions.