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ICBF leads industry collaboration to advance sustainable farming by improving genetic gain in the national herd and providing collaborative, data driven AgTech solutions


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ICBF Database in Numbers

1 Million

There are almost 2M Genotypes in the national database and counting. ICBF is the largest Beef Genomics database in the world.

1 Billion

That’s ‘Billion’ with a ‘B’ (Almost 70 times the population of China). SNPs are the most common type of genetic variation between animals.

1 Billion
Pieces of Data

There are over 1 Billion pieces of phenotypic (non genomic) data stored on the ICBF database. 

Latest from Blog

Age of First Calving – How low can you go?

A beef heifer’s natural ability to mature quickly, show heat and go in calf will undoubtedly influence how profitable she will be in an Irish Suckler herd. This natural ability (or not) to be able to calve down at 24 months of age, amongst other things, is influenced by genetics.

Dairy Gene Ireland programme

“Bryan Kingston (ICBF) explains the role of the national breeding programme in the Irish dairy Industry” G€N€ IR€LAND® is the name of the national dairy breeding programme in Ireland and it forms an extremely important part of the Dairy Industry.

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