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The Stockbull Finder has been a great success for many WHPR herds as another place to sell bulls. Shrubbywood Largent (pictured above at 17 months old), from the Shrubbywood Aubrac herd in Co. Westmeath, has recently arrived at a new home with an eminent dairy herd in East Leinster.

‘Largent’ is an outstanding bull with high replacement and terminal index and a genotyped calving difficulty of 0.9%. The bull sold for €3500 and was found through the ICBF Stockbull Finder.

Joanne and Shane Bowers commented on the success saying;

Shrubbywood Aubracs would like to wish all the best to Largent’s new owners. The Stock Bull Finder has proved very beneficial to us this year. We have already sold 4 bulls without advertising any. As breeders we try to concentrate on both replacement and terminal index ensuring that we have a balanced and quality animal suitable for both dairy and beef herds. The Stockbull finder allows for the viewer to emphasise terminal as well as replacement index and this is where we come up highly for the breed. Shrubbywood Maverick sold earlier in the season for €3500 also. As a breed, Aubrac cattle suit us perfectly. They thrive on marginal ground and from the outset we’ve placed emphasis on feed efficiency, fertility and output. We’ve found that overall ICBF has been hugely beneficial to our breeding success and has helped us make effective breeding decisions. While there are variables we can’t control within breeding, the lack of freely available quality AI bulls in the Aubrac breed being one, and animal husbandry methods of other farmers being another, ICBF and Gene Ireland is a positive move forward. The WHPR is another step to help us strive for even better breed performance.

To view bulls that have been weight recorded by ICBF through Whole Herd Performance Recording, click the link below to go to the Stockbull Finder. This is the online sales section for bulls from WHPR herds. Search by breed and county to filter down selections!

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