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ICBF HerdPlus has added a new profile screen to compliment the existing milk recording screens on offer. We hope that you find this new screen a useful enhancement to the existing milk recording screens.

Before the advent of this screen, past milk recordings were only available in PDF format. The benefit of the profile format is that it allows the user to select a particular year of milk recording and also a particular test date. This will allow the user to analyse the results of a specific milk recording test. Some useful benefits to the farmer when using this screen include:

  • Results being available in a profile format saving time and effort in comparison to going through pages of milk recording reports.
  • Cows with a SCC result of greater than 200,000 are highlighted in red. This allows farmers to identify “problem cows” for treatment and/or potential early dry off.
  • Cows can be sorted and filtered in this profile and it can also be downloaded to Excel and PDF formats.

Below is a step by step guide on how to access this profile.

  1. Go to icbf.com and login to your HerdPlus account using your username and password. If you have forgotten your username and password please click here.

2. Under the ‘View profiles’ drop down, select ‘Milk Recording Tests’.

3. Select a year from the drop down menu, and then choose the milk recording test date in that year and click ‘Go’ (see screenshot below).

The screenshot below illustrates the screen the user will see when they select a year and a milk recording test date. All cows that were in the herd on the selected test date will appear on the screen. Cows that were not tested on this date e.g. dry cows, will not have milk recording results populated on the screen. There is also a column indicating whether the cow is still in the herd or not.

By clicking on the full tag number of an animal, the user can gain access to further information e.g. complete milk yield records (where available), EBI details, fertility and serve data, ancestry details, etc.

The screen is intended to make information more accessible and also make it easier for users to track any trends/changes in the performance of cows in their herd and subsequently make more informed management decisions.

If you have any questions, or if you have any comments or feedback, please contact HerdPlus on 023-8820452 or email [email protected].