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The latest Dairy AI bull proofs are now available to view in excel format in the ‘genetic evaluations section’ of our website.

The ‘Active Bull List’, ‘Bull Search’ and ‘Sire Advice’ are still working on the August evaluations. These will be updated on Wednesday, 10th January 2018 but for the moment if you wish to avail of the latest dairy AI bull evaluations you can find them by clicking the icon below.

Please note, the Beef AI bulls will also be available on the 10th January.

What changes have been incorporated into this evaluations run?

  • Test Day Model

In line with international best practice, Ireland has now moved to applying a Test Day Model (TDM) approach for genetic evaluation of milk production traits, as opposed to the previous approach of predicted 305-day yield. TDM approach is scientifically proven to be more accurate, as it can account for non-genetic effects specific to each test day, (e.g., weather, grass quality, level concentrate feeding). This change increased EBI values by approximately €10 – 15.

  • Economic Value

Teagasc has updated the economic values in its Dairy Farm systems model which was last reviewed in 2014. The new Teagasc values reflect the changes in the marketplace and include; increasing the projected milk price by 1 cpl, from 29.7 to 30.7 cpl; decreasing the relative value of protein to reflect the higher value of fat on world dairy markets; and increasing farm labour costs from €12.4/hour to €15/hour.  Applying these updated Teagasc figures increased EBI values by approximately €10 – €15.

  • Updated Training population

An additional 1,500 sires have been added to the training population from which the genomic predictions are derived, bringing the size of the training population set to just over 7,000 animals. All new animals have daughters milking in Ireland.  The net impact of this change to the EBI is negligible.

The collective impact of these changes sees the average EBI of bulls on the ICBF Active Bull List increase by approximately €20 (this is due primarily to the increase in milk price and value of fat kg). The average correlation amongst all Active AI sires is 0.98, with relatively little re-ranking amongst the high EBI sires on the ICBF Active Bull List.

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