Breeding season 2020 has begun for many farmers around the country. Now is the ideal time to begin running your weekly fertility reports to monitor the performance of your breeding females. Quickly check online to see how your dairy herd is performing on a weekly basis compared to the national average.

NEW IMPROVEMENT: Track herd submission 1 week after the mating start date. (Previously calculated 2 weeks after the mating start date).

This report contains key information the fertility performance of your herd.

  • Calving data
  • Current herd submission rate
  • Key performance indicators
  • Action list

Please note: Cows not intended for breeding should be ‘marked for culling’ to ensure the accuracy of your report. This can be done via the ‘Record Events’ screen – ‘Mark for Culling’.

To run this report, please follow the steps below;

  1. Go to ‘Reports’ and select ‘All Reports’.

2. Go to ‘Fertility’ and choose ‘Weekly Fertility Report’ from the list.

3. Enter in the required details specific to your herd and click ‘Generate Report’.

4. Once generated, you will be prompted to ‘Download File’. This will download your report in pdf format.

Please call the HerdPlus office on 023-8820452 with any queries.