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The latest proofs (Eurostar and EBI figures) have now been updated and are available to view on every animal in your HerdPlus profiles. All AI bulls have also been updated.

What’s new for this Evaluation run?

Two new stand alone publications have been added. Note these publications are not included in the calculation of EBI or the EuroStar index currently.

Dairy Beef Index

The Dairy Beef Index is a breeding goal for Irish dairy and beef farmers to promote high quality beef cattle bred from the dairy herd that are more saleable as calves and profitable at slaughter yet, they have minimal consequences on the calving difficulty or gestation length of the dairy cow.

Dairy Beef Index : Relative Emphasis

Click here for more information on the Dairy/Beef Index

Genetic resistance for TB and liver fluke infection

Genetic resistance to TB and liver fluke infection are two new health traits designed for dairy and beef farmers to identify cattle that are more likely to be diagnosed with TB or liver fluke infection during their lifetime because of their genetic make-up. Breeding for lower breeding values of resistance to TB and liver fluke should result in in fewer TB reactors, fewer TB-breakdowns, and fewer cattle diagnosed with liver fluke infection.

TB and liver fluke proofs (January 2019)

Next Evaluation Dates

The next evaluation publication date is set for 21st March 2019. For more information on future publication dates and their respective data deadlines, please click here.

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