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Sales of gene Ireland beef straws have been in high demand this spring. As a result of this level of demand, there are a number of bulls who have now been sold out at this early stage.

The following bulls are now sold out:

AU2155 sold out


AU2155 – Slaneymill Jack




CH2159 sold out


CH2159 – Bondi Jacob




lm2117 sold out



LM2117 – Tomschoice Imperial


lm2151 sold out




LM2151 – Ballygarvan Stud Ike






SI2158 – Seepa Fionn





The bull breeder program is a joint initiative between Pedigree Breeders, Commercial farmers, Breed Societies, AI Companies, DAFM and ICBF.

The Gene Ireland Beef Progeny test program has 2 main aims:

1. Identify Top Maternal Beef Bulls.

2. To encourage more detailed and accurate data recording in pedigree herds.

There are still 11 bulls available from the Spring 2016 Catalogue

Bulls still available include: 2 Charolais, 2 Limousin, 1 Simmental, 1 Angus, 1 Hereford, 1 Parthenaise, 1 Piedmontese, 1 Saler, and 1 Shorthorn.

  • Every Bull in the catalogue is either 4 or 5 stars across all breeds (Replacement Index)

The top 3 bulls for Replacement Index still available are:

  1. Breffni Muzz                      (ZBZ)          €155 (5 star)
  2. Mogeely Evitas N266        (AA2063)    €143 (5 star)
  3. Ballyaville Hamlet             (HE2148)    €125 (5 star)

Click here for Catalogue

Straws from the Beef Gene Ireland Spring 2016 Bulls are now available for purchase by calling 023-8820452.