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Ahead of the upcoming bull sales season, it is timely to remind bull buyers of the benefits of purchasing a bull from a herd that has successfully carried out a Whole Herd Performance Recording (WHPR) visit. These herds have voluntarily signed up to the ICBF operated data recording service. Measurements and weights are recorded on pedigree animals in these herds and they also receive spot check visits from ICBF to validate the herds data.

WHPR Stamp

A bull purchased with a WHPR stamp will have been at least weighed by ICBF. This data will be publicly displayed by ICBF so a purchaser is fully aware of all available information before making a purchasing decision. The on farm recording of performance data will lead to an increase in the reliability figures for an animal, thereby increasing the level of confidence the buyer can have that the animal will meet their requirements

Another point worth noting is the fact that all pedigree bulls over 10 months of age in these herds are also displayed on the ICBF StockBull Finder facility which is available on www.icbf.com. This search facility allows bull buyers to quickly identify bulls that meet their own specific selection criteria.

If you are either a bull buyer or bull breeder and want to learn more about the WHPR service please call ICBF on 023 8820452.