Web screens are now available for Beef Environmental Efficiency Programme – Sucklers (BEEP–S) and  Dairy Beef Calf Programmes 2022. The best way to record weights and scales details for the schemes is through the ICBF website or mobile App.

Web Screens live

Farmers can now record weights and scales details on the ICBF website and the ICBF Web App for the 2022 Beef sector efficiency schemes.

BEEP-S 2022 details can be accessed through your ICBF account by going to > Services > BEEP-S. Similarly Dairy Beef Calf screens can be accessed by going to > Services > Dairy Beef Calf Programme.

Weights and details of owned or borrowed/hired scales can be recorded here. Unlike previous years owned scales will not have to be re-registered or will not receive a new scales registration number, so herds who own a scales and have it registered in previous years have no action to complete. The process of borrowing remains the same as previous years.

ICBF’s Weight Recording App will be updated shortly to display the 2022 scheme animals. Recording forms will also be available to request in the coming weeks for herds who need to complete weights through the postal system. Paper forms will be available by calling 0238832883 forms can only be issued once DAFM have confirmed your herd is in the scheme and you have a valid scales linked to your herd.

Dairy Beef Calf Programme Expansion

The maximum payment for the Dairy beef Calf Programme has doubled from it’s 2021 level. The 2022 scheme will now pay up to €800 for weighing valid calves. This is more reason to join to programme and maximise payment for the scheme.

Use of Rented Scales through mybeep Portal

Scales can be rented through 100 mybeep depots spread throughout Ireland in Co-Ops, Marts and FRS offices. Scales rented through the mybeep system are automatically linked to your herd. To hire a scales through mybeep or to check where scales are available follow this link BEEP-S – ICBF

Apply for Scheme Now!

The schemes as announced by Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Charlie McConalogue are now open to applicants on DAFM’s website Agfood.ie more information on how to apply for the scheme can be found https://www.gov.ie/en/service/33e11-beef-sector-efficiency-programme/

Herds have until  April 25th to apply for BEEP-S and/or Dairy Beef Calf Programmes 2022 and it is very important herds apply for the relevant scheme on Agfood.ie as weights recorded in herds that don’t sign up for the scheme will not be eligible for payment.

If you have any queries on the BEEP-S progamme please consult the mybeep website for helpful videos BEEP-S – ICBF email [email protected] or call 023-8832883