The deadline to apply for the Beef Sector Efficiency Programme is Monday the 25th of April. Applications must be completed online through the Department of Agriculture website, applications can be completed by the farmer or their advisor. Even herds who were in the programmes last year will have to make a new application to join the scheme this year. The Beef Sector Efficiency Programmes include the Beef Environmental Efficiency Programme Sucklers (BEEP-S) and the Dairy Beef Calf Programme, farmers can join either or both programmes depending on their enterprise.


The payment rate and actions are the same as the 2021 scheme which proved popular and straight forward for farmers. The payment rate for completing all actions is €90/pair for the first 10 cow/calf pairs and €80 there after payable to 100 calves. Suckler bred calves born between July 1st 2021 and June 30th 2022 are eligible for payment. To draw down payment the cow and her calf must be weighed on the same day before the calf is weaned.

More information on BEEP-S can be found on the website and answers to frequently asked questions can be found here

The Dairy Beef Calf Programme

Similarly the Dairy Beef Calf Programme is a follow on from the scheme that was available in 2021 to pay farmers to weigh dairy beef calves. The 2021 scheme proved popular and easy to complete for farmers and we expect the majority of farmers to re-enter the 2022 programme. Maximum payment for 2021 was €400, DAFM have doubled this to €800 for 2022. Payment rate is €20 a calf paid up to 40 calves. The only action to complete is to weigh eligible calves before Nov 1st.

An eligible calf is:

  • Is born between 01st July 2021 and 30th of June 2022.
  • Male calves of a dairy breed, and/or a male or female calf sired by a beef breed sire born to a dairy breed dam.
  • Calves must be at least 12 weeks of age at the time of weighing.
  • Calves must on the farm for a minimum of 10 days prior to weighing.

More information on the Dairy Beef Calf Programme can be found on the website and answers to frequently asked questions can be found here

As stated above herd owners have to apply to the relevant programme before Monday April 25th if they wish to be paid for the actions completed. Queries relating to applications should be addressed directly to DAFM at [email protected] or call the BEEP section on Portlaoise on 0578674422