Following on from the initial completion with an approved advisor in 2016 (2015 data), BDGP participants must submit data annually to allow for an update of the carbon navigator. This data will be submitted via survey forms issued by the ICBF to each applicant and will cover areas such as (1) grazing season length, (2) fertiliser use, and (3) slurry spreading. Note: The farmer is expected to complete the navigator either online or through the submission of key data as set out above and they are not required to complete with an advisor for this year 2017 (2016 data). The Carbon Navigator is an online farm management package produced by Bord Bia and Teagasc that quantifies the environmental gains that can be made on an individual’s farm.

Beef Carbon Navigator

The navigator quantifies the environmental gains that can be made on each BDGP participant’s farm by setting targets in key areas such as grassland management. It is a very useful and simple tool which allows individual farmers to look at changes which can be made on their farm in areas such as the length of the grazing season or their average calving rate, and then illustrates what that change would mean in terms of reduced GHG emissions from his/her herd and the increased profitability associated with such a change.

The report compares your farm performance with other similar farms and highlights the potential impact on income and GHG emissions of reaching the targets set.

The Carbon Navigator should be completed no later than 01-Nov-2017

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