John O’Callaghan genotypes all his dairy females and males each year and now sees dairy genomics as routine and essential part of running his dairy business.

John  runs a pedigree dairy herd alongside his father near Bandon Co. Cork. The herd operate under the herd name Mountfarna.The Mountfarna herd was founded in 1970 and are milking 65 cows. In this short video clip, John outlines how dairy genomics has helped him make better breeding and management decisions.

“As regards the females, the reports that come back to us wheather it be production, EBI, anything down the line. Then we can cross check that with any information we have from catalogues on AI bulls and we can choose the best possible match going foward for that animal”

How can I avail of Dairy Genomics?

To avail of dairy genomics, call ICBF 023 8820452 or email [email protected]. Alternatively, you can order DNA kits yourself through our self-selection screen by logging into your HerdPlus account and selecting ‘Services’ – ‘Genomic Services’ – ‘Place Order’. Payment can be made using a credit or debit card.

Further information is available here