The EBI details of the 75 bulls on the list are now based on the July 2021 genetic evaluations computed by ICBF. Semen from all of the Bulls has been indicated as being available by the various AI Companies, hence the term ‘Active’ Bull List.

ICBF Dairy Active bull list 2021

The criteria for making the list is as follows:

  • EBI reliability greater than or equal to 35%.
  • Calving difficulty reliability greater than or equal to 70% (based on 23% heifer rel% and 77% cow rel%)
  • At least 50 calving records either in Ireland or in the country of origin of the bull.

July 2021 List – Analysed

The list is made up of 70 Holstein/Friesian Bulls, 4 Jersey bulls and 1 Norwegian Red Bull.

The 75 Bulls on the list have an average EBI of €267 that range from €342 down to €242.  The average Milk Sub-Index is €97 with the highest bull FR5568 PEAK CHILTON-ET at €140. The average Fertility Sub-Index is €117 with the highest bull FR5133 KILDARRA MAJOR at €170

The list contains 46 bulls that have come through the Gene Ireland Programme. 55 of the bulls are ‘Genomically Selected’ (GS), 13 of them are daughter proven in Ireland ‘DP-IRL’ and 7 of them are Daughter Proven with foreign daughters ‘DP-INT’.  42 bulls on the list have a Pedigree status.

JE5986 MONEEN RIO remains on top of the list with an EBI of €342. The next highest ranked is FR5860 SAINTBRIGID FRANK JOSEPH with an EBI of €325. 3rd on the list is FR6028 BRACKHERD PANAMA SRM with an EBI of €322.