You may already be familiar with the term Genomics as part of the Beef, Data and Genomics Programme (BDGP) or just from using genomics as a helpful management tool, but what exactly is genomics?

Genomics is the study of an animal’s DNA or ‘Genotype’ (usually a tissue or hair sample).
Genotypes are made up of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). These are a DNA sequence variation occurring commonly within a population and each SNP represents a difference in a single
DNA building block, called a nucleotide. Chips used in genomic testing can vary in size and can have various numbers of SNPs. DNA is transmitted in chunks and genomic testing then identifies which DNA chunks have been passed from the parents to it’s offspring.

Check out this video from Weatherbys on cattle genomics testing explaining the process involved in genomic testing.

Not in BDGP? How can I Genotype?

To avail of this invaluable service, call us on 023 8820452 or alternatively you can order through our self selection screen by logging into your HerdPlus account and selecting ‘Services’ – ‘Genomic Services’ – ‘Place Order’

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Farmers can now genotype all their female calves which will allow them to make a more informed decision around breeding and culling potential replacements. This service could cost herd-owners as little as €22/head which a study has shown represents a four to one return on investment!