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‘BALLYAVILLE WARD MAID’, owned by Joseph Deverell, Ballyaville, Geashill, Co Offaly is the top Euro-Star Replacement Index Hereford cow in the country with a Euro-star value of €181.She is currently in her 8th lactation with an average calving interval of 353 days. She is sired by ‘KILNAGRALTA POLO.


Ballyaville Hamlet (HE2148) – His dam features at number 15 on the list BALLYAVILLE PORTIA

The top three cows are all from different breeders. Second on the list is ‘DOREPOLL 1 R 51 DUCHESS 525’ owned by Matthew Goulding, Kilmore, Ballyduff, Co Kerry with a Euro-Star value of €174. This cow is on her 6th lactation. She is sired by ‘DOONBIDDIE HUSTLER (P)’ S141. She has bred top AI sire at Dovea ‘Gouldingpoll 1 Captain’ (GCT) who is currently the number 2 replacement index Hereford on the active bull list. Third on the list is ‘SUNBEAM BIDDY’. She is a 6th lactation cow with a Euro-Star value of €172. She is owned by Richard O’Keeffe, Ballinuoskig, Mourneabbey, Mallow, Co Cork. This cow is sired by DRUMAKEENAN KINGFISHER. Richard O’ Keeffe has in fact three cows making the list (more than any other breeder).


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This is part of a 13 part listing. Each day we will add another ‘Top 20’ for the 12 most popular pedigree breeds. We will also be publishing a ‘Top 20’ listing of commercial beef cows to complete this listing.

In order to make the list animals must have been in a HerdPlus herd at time of data extraction.

A new breed listing will be added at random everyday over the next fortnight.

Make sure to stay tuned to see if your cows have made these listings.

Breeds with ‘Top 20’ also Published at this time include: