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The ICBF recently sold six Gene Ireland AI beef bulls that met the targeted semen requirement. These bulls had been primarily selected on their replacement index and visually assessed by an ICBF linear scorer. Straws from these high genetic merit bulls are now being distributed to suckler herds across the country. This helps us to test the bulls and increase the reliabilities of their indexes. The bulls were sold via a tender process from the Tully progeny test centre, Co. Kildare. We would like to wish all the purchasers the best of luck with their new purchase.

So where did they all go?

Dunard Navigator (AA4603)

Dunard Navigator (AA4603) is bred from Gene Ireland graduate Carrigroe Kian (AA2064) from a Sitz Upward 307R cow going back to Belvin Mercedes. Navigator holds a Replacement index of €172 @ 41% reliability and a Terminal index of 114 @ 44% reliability. Navigator has a calving difficulty percentage of 1.6% combined with a very impressive carcass weight index of 19 kgs. He heads south to a pedigree Angus herd in Co. Cork.

CH4562: Culkenny Murry

Culkenny Murry (CH4562) is a Tombapik son bred from a Pinay cow. Murry has all the stars. He is 5 star for Replacement and Terminal index. With a strong replacement index of €120 @ 45% and a terminal index of €147 @ 47% reliability. He is 5 stars for carcass weight at 41 kgs and 5 stars for daughter milk. He is heading west to a Pedigree Charolais and commercial suckler herd in Co. Galway.

Drumdiffer Napoleon (CH4567)

Drumdiffer Napoleon (CH4567). Napoleon has three generations of maternal pedigree Bivouac x Pirate x Nelson. The Bivouac son is also 5 stars for Replacement and Terminal indexes at 3.70% calving difficulty. Napoleon is also 5 stars for carcass weight, carcass confirmation, daughter milk and daughter calving interval. Napoleon also heads west to a suckler herd in Co. Galway.

Kilmagemogue Leo (LM4565)

Kilmagemogue Leo (LM4565) is a Bavardage son from an Ionesco cow going back to Ampertaine Brigadeer and Malibu. Leo has a Replacement index of €153 @ 46% reliability and a Terminal index of €152 @ 49% reliability. ‘‘A very balanced bull with figures to match’’ according to the purchaser who runs a 100 cow suckler herd in Co. Longford.


LM4569: Corcamore Lorcan

Corcamore Lorcan (LM4569) is a Keltic Handsome son from a Roundhill Saturn cow. He boasts An impressive Replacement index of €201 @ 45% reliability and a Terminal index of €137 @ 50% reliability. He is 4.80% for calving difficulty. He was sold to a suckler herd in Co. Cavan.

Gavan Summit (SH4564)

Gavan Summit (SH4564) is a son of Sprys patents ace and from an Alta Cedar Perfect Storm cow going back to Dovea Sir James. Summit is 5 stars for Replacement and Terminal indexes. He has a very high replacement index of €163 @ 44% reliability. He is also 5 stars for docility, carcass weight, carcass confirmation and daughter milk. Summit exhibits extreme shape with figures to match. He was sold to a pedigree shorthorn and commercial suckler herd in Co. Laois.

Straws are now available from all the bulls above.

If you want to order straws, please contact ICBF on 045 521573.