The ICBF Stockbull Finder has recorded huge usage in the past week as farmers look for a new Stockbull online. Over 2,800 unique users clicked onto the ICBF Bull Finder application (21st – 26th) March. This is the highest weekly hit rate that the Stockbull Finder has ever had. All of the bulls have their most up to date figures displayed. However ICBF does not recommend selecting a bull on figures alone.

This is where the Stockbull Finder comes into its own as each bull has been weighed by ICBF in addition to many of them also having been weighed by their breeder’s. So there is lots of weight data on these bulls as well as them having been physically assessed by an ICBF scorer. In addition to this many Breeders have also uploaded bull photos and comments.

So with over 2000 bulls across all the main beef breeds, it is proving to be a very popular place for farmers to look up and find a new Stockbull near them in these unprecedented times.

So if you will be looking for a new beef bull this Spring and visit the ‘StockBull Finder’ here.