With the 2021 breeding season well underway, now is a good time to look back at the previous breeding season. Below, we display the top 50 AI bulls used in 2020 based on the data recorded on the ICBF database.

Below we can see that Kilfeacle Pivotal (FR4728) (EBI €297) had the highest number of recorded serves in 2020 with a total of 44,768. This is over 4,000 more than the second highest in Doonmanagh Seville (FR4547) (EBI €301) with a total of 40,049 serves recorded. The third highest number of inseminations recorded was from Ballygown Albert (FR4513) (EBI €281).

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All of the Top 10 bulls above were previously progeny tested through Dairy Gene Ireland. Furthermore 32 of the Top 50 bulls were progeny tested through the Gene Ireland Programme. The top 10 bulls used are all Holstein/Friesian with the top 50 again dominated by Holstein/Friesian bulls with 3 Jersey and 2 British Friesian bulls completing the list of 50 bulls. Firoda Meinse 2 (FOE) (EBI €168) was the most used British Friesian bull with a total of 5,268 serves recorded in 2020. The most used Jersey bull was Okura LT Integrity (OKT) (EBI €197) with a total of 4,879 serves recorded.

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