With the 2021 breeding season well underway, now is a good time to look back at the previous breeding season. Below, we display the top 50 Beef AI bulls used on Beef Cows in 2020 based on the data recorded on the ICBF database.

Below we can see that Fiston (FSZ)(Euro-Star Repl index €121) had the highest number of recorded serves in 2020 with a total of 13,959. This is over 1,000 more than the second highest in Castleview Gazelle (ZAG)(Euro-Star Repl index €120) with a total of 12,940 serves recorded. The third highest number of inseminations recorded was from Moondharrig Knell (LM4217)(Euro-Star Repl index €160).

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The top 50 list is made up of a total of 9 different breeds with Limousin and Charolais making up 25 of the top 50 bulls. The list includes 14 Limousin, 11 Charolais, 7 Angus, 6 Belgian Blue, 4 Simmental, 3 Hereford, 2 Salers, 2 Shorthorn and 1 Aubrac.

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