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Rosanna Charolais cattle first began in the 1960’s when crossbred calves were born.

One can remember with excitement 1st cross bred stock. Over 200 prizes were won with fat stock Charolais cattle in the following years.

The Rosanna herd of pedigree Charolais cattle prefix was registered  with the Charolais Society in Spring of 1976 with lifetime membership, as was our passion for this truly great breed of cattle. Our first overall champion followed 2 years later. Very good years followed as the breed went from strength to strength.

In more recent years a bull that has made a lasting impression on the Rosanna Charolais herd is Rosanna Fameux. 10 breeding cows and 20 grand progeny from Rosanna Fameux are performing in the herd today. While two sons have joined the Caylers Charolais herd in Hertfordshire, England.

Rosanna London at 10 months old

These sons are Rosanna Jupiter and more recently Rosanna London. Jupiters new owner, David Barker, commented;

He has proved to be a successful sire for us and recent successes with his progeny include the Reserve Intermediate Champion at Carlisle with Caylers Magnate, who sold for 5000gns and Caylers Minstrel, the second top price bull at Welshpool, selling for 5800gns. We have also recently sold another son of Jupiter in a joint purchase to three pedigree herds in Scotland.

In May of 2019 the Caylers herd sold another bull, Caylers Napoleon for the top price of 12000gns to the Inverlochy and Firhills Charolais herd.

‘Daisybell’ (Dam of ‘Jupiter’) with daughter

Fameux was purchased as an 8 month old calf from France. After siring calves in the Rosanna Charolais herd for 3 years he was then sold on to the Shamleys and Cliftonpark Charolais herd in Worcestshire, England. While in the herd, Fameux continued to have a prolific impact siring Cliftonpark Madoc who topped the Welshpool Charolais sale in 2017.

AI is used along with a stockbull. Sesame SXS has been used more recently after observing the maternal attributes that have been bred through his daughters.

A stockbull is bought on a regular basis, used within the herd for a number of years and sold on while still having longevity for whichever herd the bull is sold into. Rosanna bulls are sold fit and ready to work and often to repeat customers. Through new genetics the herd has made a big contribution to the breed.

Today, the herd is run on a strictly commercial basis to produce sound quality stock with high health status, that go on and do well in other herds. All cows, must calf every year, have good milk and a good temperament. The objective of the herd is to produce Charolais that are easy calving, have high growth rates with good feed conversion.

The herd is fully committed to accurate recording of data through the WHPR programme and to participate in advanced science such as the Greenbreed Programme in order to move our genetics forward. The plan for the Rosanna Charolais herd is to have every animal genotyped with myostatin results.

The famous Rosanna prefix can be found today in very many of the best and high priced bloodlines of the breed.