With Breeding season well under way, now would be the ideal time to be running your weekly fertility reports. The Weekly Fertility report is now available to run and view online under the reports section.

This report contains:

  1. Calving data
  2. Current herd submission rate
  3. Key performance indicators
  4. Action list

Please note that it must be at least 14 days since your first AI service of the breeding season for the graph(b) to display any information. Some of the KPI’s (c) will also only display after a certain number of days into the breeding season eg. 21 day submission rate etc.

Please see example report below.

To run this report simply select ‘Reports’ – ‘All Reports’

Then select ‘Fertility’ – ‘Weekly Fertility Report’

You then enter your calving start date and your mating start date and click ‘Generate Report’

Then select ‘Download File’ to download your report in pdf format

The Weekly Fertility Reports are now available to run and view on-line. Check out how your cows are performing on a weekly basis compared to the national average. Reports can also be generated and viewed on the ICBF HerdPlus app.

The HerdPlus App is free to download just click on the links below.

ICBF Web Application – Apps on Google Play

ICBF Web Application on the App Store (apple.com)

If you’re having difficulty running or accessing your report, please call the HerdPlus office on 023-8820452.