2016 is a critical year in your participation in the BDGP. Along with the requirement to attend a general training session (being organised by Teagasc) by 31st October 2016, the standard data notification (surveys) and genomic testing requirements, you will also have to comply with the Carbon Navigator requirements by 31st October this year.


The first completion of the carbon navigator must be undertaken in conjunction with an approved advisor. Participants must subsequently submit data annually, via survey forms, to allow for an update of the carbon navigator. In this regard, the Department through Teagasc, have trained advisors in the completion of the carbon navigator. This process has been finalised and a current list of trained advisors is now available on the Department’s website by clicking here.

Failure to correctly complete the carbon navigator by 31st October 2016, will lead to a penalty on your 2016 payment as set out in the scheme Terms and Conditions.