Currently in its The BEEP-S scheme is in its 4th year and it is responsible for the largest on-farm weighing campaign of beef cattle ever in Ireland. Over 86,215 cow/calf pairs have been weighed to date (21/07/21) in 2022. These weights have come from over 5,000 different herds participating in the scheme. These numbers are slightly ahead of 2021 figures with 83,899 cow/calf pairs being weighed by this time last year.

There are 5,418 herds with eligible pairs weighed and a scales registered, borrowed or rented to date compared with 4,856 herds at the same stage last year. However, there are a small number of herds without a registered scales. These herds should take action to rectify this as soon as possible.

Scheme participants are reminded to ensure that they have a valid scales, registered or linked to their herd for their date of weighing. Weights will not be accepted unless they can be linked to a scheme registered scales.

Herd owners should ensure the cow and her calf are weighed on the same day and before the calf is weaned. The ideal time to weigh is when the majority of calves are in the 5 to 8-month stage. Spring-born calves could now be weighed. With over 20,000 BEEP-S 2022 participants yet to record any weights for the scheme, farmers are advised to book scales in plenty of time as demand may be high at peak times.

To hire a weighing scales or for further information on BEEP-S or the Dairy Beef Calf Programme please click here.