The November evaluation will be published on 21st November. The final date to have any DNA samples (hair/tissue/AI straws) returned to ICBF in order to have a genomic evaluation published November 21st, is Wed11th September.

Tag Samples

Any tags still on farm should be applied asap and tissue samples returned in the envelope provided with the tags. If you require replacement hair cards for lost BDGP tags or for animals which have been sold or died since tags were issued, please call the BDGP helpline on 023-8832883 or email [email protected].

Hair Samples

Any outstanding hair sample kits already on farm should also be returned.

New orders can be placed by logging into your HerdPlus account on Alternatively, hair card orders can be processed over the phone. Once ordered, hair sample kits will be posted immediately to the herdowner.

AI Straws

It is very important that AI bulls are genotyped asap. ICBF will not issue an AI code for any bull unless a genotype has been received into the database. AI bulls can be genotyped via semen. Straws do not have to be viable, therefore they can be sent by post.

If you have any queries, please contact ICBF on 023-8820452 or email [email protected].