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The milk recording statistics for 2016 have now been released. These figures show the trends for kilos of fat and protein and Somatic Cell Count (SCC).

There has been a slight reduction to the 2016 average milk recording fat and protein kilos (figure 1) when compared to 2015 data. The average figure for 2016 was 1.65kgs milk solids, this compares to 1.68kgs milk solids in 2015. The average figure for fat% in 2015 was 4.05%. This has increased to an average figure of 4.11% in 2016. The average figure for protein% in 2015 was 3.49%. This has decreased to an average figure was 3.46% in 2016.

Figure 1: Milk Recording Fat & Protein 2015 V’s 2016

The average figure for SCC (figure 2) in 2015 was 173,000 cells/ml. This has increased by 2,000 cells/ml in 2016 where the average figure is 175,000 cells/ml. While SCC has seen a slight negative turn in 2016, there has been consistent improvement in this area in the five years prior with SCC being reduced from 243,000 cells/ml to 173,000 cells/ml.

Figure 2: Milk Recording Avg SCC 2015 V’s 2016