The May 2018 evaluation figures are now available for all dairy and beef animals. The ICBF Animal Search, Active Bull Lists and Stock Bull Finder have all been updated. Farmers subscribed to the HerdPlus service can view their animals new evaluation figures through the various online profiles. Reports (EBI, Euro-Star, BDGP Eligibility, etc.) will be updated over the coming weeks. Farmers will be notified by text as soon as these reports are available online.

What data is included in this evaluation run?

Dairy – All data recorded up to the 30th March 2018 has been included in this evaluation run. The main traits to have extra data included will be calving and fertility. It will be the Sept 2018 evaluation before their will be a significant number of 2018 milk records included.

Beef – All data and genotypes submitted to the ICBF database up to the 30th March 2018 have been included in this evaluation run. This evaluation will see the publication of genomic proofs for animals that were sampled as part of BDGP II. BDGP II commenced in 2017 and participating farmers were issued the first set of tissue tags in Autumn 2017.

Extra EBV’s for Foreign Animals

In the new evaluations, 1,312 animals have a foreign EBV (Estimated Breeding Value) included for the first time, which includes 87 AI bulls. This brings the total number of animals with a foreign EBV included in their evaluation to just over 60,000 in the May Evaluations. The most significant addition here is the inclusion of UK EBVs for the Charolais breed for the first time. This has brought about some significant changes in the Euro-Star indexes of some Charolais animals. For more information on this, please click here.

Next Evaluation Dates

The next evaluation publication date is set for 4th Sept 2018. The deadlines for data to be submitted for this evaluation are: Dairy – 15th June and Beef – 27th July. For more information on future publication dates and their respective data deadlines, please click here.

If you have any queries on evaluation figures please contact us on 023-8820452 or email [email protected].