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Inseminations data is significant for the purpose of genetic evaluations for fertility & gestation lengths. This includes whether the cow repeats or holds to that service. It also gives the farmer expected calving dates as well as an accurate fertility reports which are useful for management purposes. Heats that are observed outside of the breeding season can also be recorded.

Inseminations details can be recorded on the ICBF database including date of serve, bull used and type of semen (e.g. sexed or non-sexed). Some AI technicians operate handhelds which automatically send details to ICBF.  Stock bull serves can also be recorded by entering the bulls tag number or short code in place of an AI code.

Below are several methods of recording inseminations onto the database:

  • Online recording through ICBF website – log-on using Username and Password. Go to Record Events → Heat & AI serve and enter details accordingly.
  • Online recording through HerdPlus App
  • Farm Computer Packages
  • Technician AI handhelds – Those herds that use the technician service, where their technician does not use the new handheld system, will need to ensure they get their insemination data to ICBF via one of the other methods.