Press Release

ICBF launches #FutureofFarming campaign in collaboration with Team Hynes

February 4th, 2020: ICBF in collaboration with the Hynes family in Aherla, Co. Cork, today announced the launch of their #FutureofFarming campaign.

The campaign is designed to showcase the Hynes’ family farm by following them over the next 12 months to produce quality and informative content that will be distributed via print media, online media and social media channels.

Commenting on the campaign Peter said “We have a lot of interesting things planned for the year. We will be discussing relevant topics that happen on the farm throughout the year and how we engage with ICBF. We are also hoping to educate people on where their food comes from and the actions that we take on farm to ensure that the farm is run as efficiently as possible.”

The campaign is aimed at farmers, industry and the general public with the aim of:

  1. Highlighting the value and importance of the Irish family run farm.
  2. Promoting efficient farming practices by showing the positive outcomes achieved by the Hynes family & raising awareness of where our food comes from.
  3. Improving understanding of ICBF and the services that we provide by producing engaging farmer focused content.
  4. Uniting as an industry to support those struggling with mental health
  5. Providing thought provoking content about the future of farming in Ireland for the next generation.

 “Having the name Future of Farming as the theme for the year certainly gives us a broad scope to share lots of information about where the future of farming is going. “-Peter Hynes


To keep up to date with the Hynes family, check out their Twitter pages @Peterhynes15 & @Paulahynes4 and their Instagram @peterpaulahynes.

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