Reports are generated once a month by ICBF in conjunction with Co-ops around the country. Files are received from the relevant Co-ops in the 3rd week of every month after the milk price has been set.
Herds that supply more than one Co-op (dual suppliers) can access an up to date Co-op report every 4 months. Farmers can access their Coop Performance reports online through logging into ICBF through a computer/laptop/phone or tablet and following these simple steps:
  • Log in to your ICBF Herd plus account.
  • Select “all reports” under the reports tab.
  • Select “Milk Management” in the “Reports” drop down menu.
  • Select “Coop Performance Report”.
  • Select the year that you want to view and the report at the top of the list is the most up to date.
  • To access the end of year report for historic years, select the top report in each year.
  • Farmers can quickly access their latest Coop Performance report through the herd plus App also. Latest reports will be displayed on the home page of the app when farmers log in.

How to opt out of receiving Co-op reports in the post?

For farmers who do not wish to receive the Coop report by post they can opt out of the postal option online by doing the following:

On the Home Screen select the opt in /opt out option as shown above.

Select the “No” option for “Co-Op Performance Report”.

Reports for dual suppliers are being processed currently and will be available online and posted early next week. The end of year reports for 2020 for all other herd-owners are now available online and are in the process of being posted to farmers. Please call the HerdPlus office on 023 8820452 with any queries or email [email protected]