List of beef bulls genotyped internationally

The downloadable file contains the identification of beef bulls (several different aliases possible per bull) genotyped per country as well as their relevant density SNP chip. Countries and bulls can be freely added to the list and some of the listed countries may be willing to exchange genotypes. Sample material transfer agreement are also available on request. Contact Donagh.berry/a/teagasc.ie

Development of this list was undertaken as part of the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine, Research Stimulus Fund – MultiGS (11/S/112)

ICBF Genomic Service

The ICBF Genomic Service provides parentage verification & genomic breeding values for cattle. DNA & parentage information is combined to generate a higher reliability EBI. This is equivalent to 10-15 daughters milking.

(Groups of females can be ordered at a reduced cost. Download order form).

To order individual genotypes for dairy males and selected females:

  • Log into your HerdPlus page at using the “Online Services” section on the right of this page or call 023 8820452.
  • Select the EBI/Genomics Link.
  • Select Genomics and Place Order link to view list of animal details.
  • Tick the required eligible animal(s) from the list and request genotype. Payment in advance is then requested at a cost of €50 per animal for the LD chip. Please call the HerdPlus office on 023 8820452 to order genotypes if payment is to be made by cheque.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Animals must be Holstein or Friesian and not more than 6.25% of a third breed or unknown.
  • Pure Friesians (>75% Fr) can be genotyped on the LD chip if the sire has already been done on the 50K chip. (Animal must be genotyped on the 50K chip otherwise).
  • Sire and maternal grandsire must be recorded in the ICBF database.

Genotype Orders:

All stages of the orders can be tracked from date ordered to results published on the track order screen. As orders are requested hair sampling kits are generated by ICBF. They include hair sampling cards, 1 per animal, barcoded with the full International number; hair collection instructions, cover letter and return envelope. Kits are mailed directly to the herd-owner. Hair samples are returned by the herd-owner to ICBF, scanned into the database for tracking and posted to the laboratory.


DNA is extracted and analysed on a SNP chip. The labs automatically transmit the results to the ICBF database .Results with poor quality DNA are identified and retest kits issued. Valid animals with valid genotypes are evaluated and genomic breeding values are generated. Results are published and reports distributed. Animals that have incorrect sires are identified. Changes are made and farmers and Breed Societies notified. Average turnaround time is 23 days.