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Scaughmolin G Mail (SGA) has a terminal index of €139 @ 84% reliability on his latest genomic proof (Oct 2018). He is 5 stars for carcass weight and 5 stars for carcass confirmation

Progeny from bulls were recently slaughtered after completing a feed efficiency trial at the Gene Ireland Progeny test centre located in Tully, Co. Kildare. Among the animals on test during this trial period was a son of SGA.

The animal had a dry matter intake of 13.43 kilograms and recorded an average daily gain of 2 kilograms/day. This equates to a feed efficiency of 6.72.

The animal’s initial live-weight was 486 kilograms. He had a final live-weight of 674 kilograms and a carcass weight of 416 kilograms. This equated to a kill-out percentage 62%, carcass conformation of E- and a fat score of 2=.

Tag Number IE371189980758
Breed BA
Dry Matter Intake 13.43 kgs/day
Average Daily Gain 2 kgs/day
Feed Efficiency 6.72
Initial Liveweight 486 kgs
Final Liveweight 674 kgs
Carcass weight 416 kgs
Kill out 62%
Carcass confirmation and fat E-2=