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The first calves from the 2015 Gene Ireland beef bulls were born on farms this year. Here are some of Balinclea Iveco’s first progeny.Pictured below is one of the first heifers to be born from the Aubrac Gene Ireland bull ‘Balinclea Iveco’ VEZ

Balinclea Iveco has a replacement index of €107(5 Star) @ 48% reliability on his latest genomic proof (August 2016). Genomics has helped increase Iveco’s reliability by 26% since Iveco was first in the Gene Ireland catalogue just over 12 months ago.

Balinclea Iveco (VEZ) calf from LMX cow. 

This heifer was born in January 16. Her dam is 5 stars for replacement index and she has an average calving interval of 346 days. Dam is sired by NIN. Thanks to Alan Twomey, Donoughmore for sending in these photos to ICBF.

If you have any photos of Gene Ireland progeny that you would like to share with us, please email them to [email protected]

To order straws of the new high index Gene Ireland bulls please call ICBF on 023 8820452. All straws cost €5 each and are delivered to your own AI technician or DIY flask